Paddling Skills – Learning and Application

The Albany Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club has just completed a back-to-back pair of outings that provided the right sequence of activity: Learn the basics of safety and recovery and then enjoy the rewards of the new knowledge.

The role of the camera and the Internet in capturing and sharing these experiences can never be underestimated.


ADK 10 July 2017


ADK 11 July 2017

Aquatica Launched

Alpengraphik‘s mission is to disseminate ideas and information about the role of photography (and its companion “graphies”) in the modern world.

This is a complex and involved task, and we are moving to address this most interesting and important mission through a narrowing of our activities by looking at a smaller number of topics.

To this end, we offer up the first of several new Web tools: Aquatica. It comprises graphic presentations across the range of topics relating to living on the water planet.

Here is where to find it: