The New Web Site

We’re diving into the worlds of WordPress, Flickr, and cloud computing to rebuild the world of alpenGRAPHIK. All its constituent elements actually fit together quite well in practice, but things got awfully jumbled in the area of management and presentation of content. The beauty of the Web and the core concepts of hyperlinked data is that they mimic the ecosystem of data and information in the “real” world, but, happily, can also serve as tools to grab back control of everything when shortages of time and resources work their mischief on daily operations.

Last weekend’s challenge of three major photo shoots (National Championship Race Walk 5k, Freihofer’s Run for Women, and Saratoga Springs Tour de Cure bike extravaganza) and the resulting task of dealing with thousands of images provided a needed requirement to act …. and this new home for the alpenGRAPHIK “family” is hopefully the needed response.

Here we go.


Saratoga Springs Tour de Cure


Freihofer’s Run for Women 5k

Freihofer's Run for Women - 2013

2013 National Championship Race Walk 5k

USA Open National 5km Race Walk Championship - 2013


We Gather Together 5k – 2012


Gazette Stockade-athon 2012

Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon & Squirrelly Six Mile 2012

Saratoga 5k Cross Country Run

Mountain RAID 2012

TD Bank Mayor’s Cup 2012 – Women