The Dance Mile 2014 – Portland

On July 12th, hundreds of revelers dared to “Get Funky” and danced their way for exactly 5,280 feet through the streets of Downtown Portland, Maine, in the second annual Dance Mile in that vibrant New England city.

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Imagine meeting up with hundreds of festively dressed folks at twilight on a summer evening, and dancing your way through the streets of a major city’s downtown. Accompanied, of course, by a flatbed truck complete with a DJ, speaker system, and a dance leader who looks a lot like Elvis. And then follow up with a dance party in a major city square. This pretty much encapsulates the setting for the first-ever dance mile, held in Portland, Maine on July 13, 2013.

So much for the setting …. it was the vibe – pervasive, positive, and overwhelming – that made it a momentous experience. Follow them at: